Sunday, September 19, 2010

Poorna Kumbhamela at Santhigiri Ashram today (september 20, 2010)

‘Poorna Kumbhamela’ will be celebrated at Santhigiri Ashram on  20th September, Monday, in which thousands of devotees from all over India and abroad will participate. The Ashram has made extensive arrangements for the Kumbhamela, which is celebrated annually for the purification of one’s self, family and society.

The ceremonies will start with the morning prayers at 5AM followed by special prayers, floral offering and Guru Pooja at 12 noon.  The Kumbhamela procession will commence at 5 PM in the presence of sanyasins.Thousands of devotees clad in white carry the Kumbhams after observing ‘vritam’ (austerities) for 11 days. The ‘Kumbhamela’ procession is held with the accompaniment of musical bands and colorful parasols and the chanting of Guru Mantra, making it a unique devotional event.

The clay-made Kumbha is symbolic of life which perishes like the mud-pot with the slightest mishandling.  The medicated concoction inside the kumbha reminds us of the need to cultivate noble thoughts and faith.  Prayerful participation in the Kumbhamela helps to cleanse people of their karmic, ancestral and familial problems through the spiritual intercession of Guru.

The Ashram and the surrounding areas and the paths through which the Kumbhamela procession will move have been decorated and necessary arrangements made for the assemblage of the devotees.

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